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Chief Minister Courtland Kelani-Ali aka BrothaTruth embodies the rare balance of spiritual gifts and practical educational experiences that connects ministerial leadership and discipleship teaching with courageous social action. Chief Minister Courtland Kelani-Ali is equipped and poised to initiate theological revival, decisive commitment and rededication to the teachings of the Ancestors as the foundation for personal living, family stability and community development.

Chief Minister Courtland Kelani-Ali, a Aniyunwiya (Cherokee)/ Choctaw American National, was born and raised in the Houston, Tx Territory as an aspiring musician, artist, historian, speaker and writer. After attending school in Mississippi, he was intrigued by Aboriginal Studies, Heritage, Law and creating businesses focused on community development & outreach.  


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In this book, Brotha Truth breaks down the history of the United States of America, importance of Sovereignty, and understanding “The Matrix” simulation we live in today! They say “in order for one to know where they are going in life, they must know first where they came from”; which is exactly what the depths of this book is focusing on.

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Estate Planning and Status Correction is an important book in the collection it focuses on helping students setup their estates, and correct their status with step by step instructions, Videos, Templates and Recorded Webinars ALL INCLUDED IN THIS BOOK! This is literally Hundreds of dollars of information compiled into ONE valuable book!

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Building an Empire isn’t complicated, most just need to learn the Rules of Commerce to properly construct a strategy of success! In this book, Brotha Truth gives you the Blueprint for creating your legacy and building your own commercial Empire from birthing a FREE newborn baby to enforcing Your unlimited consumer credit!

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