1871 Clothing


1871 Clothing Boutique was founded as a subsidiary of ISelfLawAmMaster on the belief that in order to handle “Big business” you have to look like it! Before and during the Reconstruction Era in the 1800’s  many Indigenous Americans were fashionistas with established enterprises serving the community! It was in 1871 when everything dramatically changed with the signing of the Naturalization Act that converted many Americans into Wards of the State, stripping them of their culture and identity! Now today, our customers can regain the pride of our heritage through every garment of elegance, and always remember WHO WE WERE before the shift of 1871! By taking the premium clothing experience direct to the consumer, we’ve created a superior alternative to off-the-rack clothing, at ready-to-wear prices. This approach will enable the 1871 Boutique to become one of the leading brands in the fasion Market!