About Us

About ISelfLawAmMaster Ministries

ISelfLawAmMaster is an online University serving it’s members local and international.

Our belief is that everyone has the right to liberate themselves and enforce their natural human rights & constitutional protections! Our University provides a vibrant virtual campus community for more than 10,000 students by blending interdisciplinary research with an international reputation for educational excellence and a faculty commitment to teaching and scholarship.

Values and Vision

The vision of ISelfLawAmMaster is to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating Sovereign Skills and Services within a growing community of members. Our only religion is FREEDOM, and we encourage all of our members to express theirs freely in respects to Universal, Common law and Organic State Constitutions! At ISelfLawAmMaster we freely discuss and support the concepts of a right to counsel, free speech and free association as provided by the Constitution. We provide a forum for open discussion and sharing among free living men and women which cannot be regulated. We do provide education for our members and teach them how to more effectively assert common law solutions to resolve matters.

Therefore, we do not give “”legal” or “tax” advice, nor can we be held liable for any outcomes from the use of this information, or the actions taken by the user or participant in this website.  Many contributors add content here. Any such claims of damage shall be considered only as it applies in common law and between a living man/woman who can prove they are a verifiable damaged party willing to testify to that claim.

We do not “protest” any government or its agencies. We advocate for better, fair, solvent limited government By the People. We do remind our public servants that “We The People” are the government, whom our servants “serve”. We naturally advocate that government obey the law and act to protect “we the people” from enemies both foreign and domestic, as their trust fiduciary duty requires.  We do not condone attacks or suing the innocent. We encourage peaceful and proper interaction between government, corporations, and the “people” who the government “serves”.


ISelfLawAmMaster is a “Congregation without Limitations” & we’ve partnered with some of the most powerful Ministers in the community to lead our generation through liberation and freedom!


Chief Minister Courtland Kelani-Ali embodies the rare balance of spiritual gifts and practical educational experiences that connects ministerial leadership and discipleship teaching with courageous social action. Chief Minister Courtland Kelani-Ali is equipped and poised to initiate theological revival, decisive commitment and rededication to the teachings of the Ancestors as the foundation for personal living, family stability and community development.

Chief Minister Courtland Kelani-Ali, a Aniyunwiya (Sharakhi)/ Choctaw American National, was born and raised in the Houston, Tx Territory as an aspiring musician, artist, historian, speaker and writer. After attending school in Mississippi, he was intrigued by Aboriginal Studies, Heritage, Law and creating businesses focused on community development & outreach.  

Over the years Chief Minister Courtland Kelani-Ali would tour the world speaking his message on Law, Commerce & Nationality while also creating an online university titled ISelfLawAmMaster.com that has now served over 10,000 Students and 2,000+ monthly subscribers teaching the basics of Estate Planning, Trust Law and Commerce. Now with over five years of experience in the Education field Chief Minister Courtland Kelani-Ali has decided to record his writings and share his knowledge with the world to last for ages to come! 

Academy Ministers

Our Ministries

Our Ministries are here to serve all University Members with departments specializing in:

  • Registry
  • Events
  • Health & Healing
  • Banking & Investments
  • Agriculture
  • Commerce
  • Astrology, Tarot & Metaphysics
  • Youth

Please note, our admin team is not equipped to answer any How To questions or provide legal advice dealing with your personal affairs.


If you have any questions like that, we recommend getting a consultation or subscribing to our Academy so you may attend our weekly study calls.