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If you are looking to repair your personal Credit, then check out our Premium Credit Repair package now! Our Certified team of specialist will break down your profile, consult with you, and remove ALL negatives and delinquents preventing you from gaining the financial freedom you aspire! All of this for one Low Standard price!

40 Million Americans have an error on their credit reports. Are you one of them?

As leaders in credit repair, we help address and remove credit report errors. We not only attack and remove all errors reported but block them from ever reappearing on your credit life. The process takes us an average of 60 days to 5 months to complete depending on your report. Check out the package and Link below for more details


Our Consumer Repair program is top notch utilizing a state of the Art Software to monitor Your entire repair process! Now you can talk directly with our credit repair consultants, view your scores, check your letters, mailings, and more! Click on the button below for more information on our Consumer Repair Services


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Don’t want to use Your SSN? No Problem!

Credit Profile Numbers also are known as CPN or SCN are 9 digit numbers just like your SSN that are assigned for you to use in place of your SSN when applying for credit.

To establish and issue a CPN number we will need your Name, D.O.B and an address you have never used before. The address is the most important thing because if we use your current home address you run the risk of your CPN merging with credit established on your SSN file. Email, telephone, and employment information is optional, but we can add it to your file during the tri-merge process.

When we deliver you will have a credit file that is clean and registered with all 3 credit bureaus, since it has just been created there will be NO credit score. In order to generate a credit score you can go out and obtain a secured credit card and start establishing your own credit or add authorized user tradelines which are lines of credit that we piggyback onto your file to generate a credit score. Ask your customer service rep about our CPN & Tradeline packages.

Check out “WHAT’S A CPN” Webinar
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What's a CPN?

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