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Freedom Of Information Act – Learn To Request a Judge’s Oath of Office

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This is HIGHLY important if you’re dealing with a court case!

What we must remember is these County, Local, Circuit, and District courts are operating as “Private Businesses” and NOT Constitutional Venues; Meaning its NOT constitutional but operating on Codes/Statutes!

So therefore the first thing we must do is get these Judges and District Attorneys to put their Sworn Testimonies (Oaths of Office) to Uphold the Constitution on “Public Record”, and force them to operate by the Organic Laws of the Constitution or risk being accused of a felony!

The problem is most of these courts but the Supreme Court are operating for BUSINESS, and you must “Request” their Oaths as your Public Right protected under the “Freedom of Information Act”!

This plays a major role in Getting many cases dismissed because you back them in the corner!

Either they’re going to operate Constitutionally or face persecution for trying to Oppress you with codes and statutes that don’t apply to you!!



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