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How to Set Up Your *PRIVATE* P.O. Box to Handle Mail!

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It is said that one should never receive mail using their PUBLIC home mailing address, and should always operate through a PRIVATE P.O. Box!

In this lesson we break down the importance and Rules to setting up your PO Box with the Postal Service!

This is very important when starting your journey into the Private world!


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One Response to “How to Set Up Your *PRIVATE* P.O. Box to Handle Mail!”

  • David Calderon / / Reply

    Peace. I was inquiring about how to set up a PO Box before I start doing business with these corporations And put in the address for my nationality papers. I understand it says not to use a license or ID but that’s all I have atm, should I wait to get another form of ID or for now is it Ok to use my License? But then I won’t be able to write a foreign address because of the address on my license correct?

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