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Iron-Man Injunction – Becoming the GENERAL of YOUR Life!

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NOTE: This Injunction should be sent via Registered/ or Certified mail with a GREEN Return Slip AFTER you have at least successfully completed Estate Planning Lesson 1 & Authenticated your certificate title.

In this lesson, Chief Courtland Kelani El breaks down the importance of GENERAL LAWS, SPECIAL LAWS & how to properly put public officials on notice that you are now operating as a PRIVATE National and not to be treated as a 14th Amendment Citizen.

The IRON MAN Injunction can not only prevent you from being pulled over erroneously, but it will also put you on a State wide DO NOT SEARCH AND DETAIN LIST!

Commerce is POWERFUL, when you know how to use it to YOUR benefit!

We will give the first TEXAS Injunction Template out for FREE, but if you live in any other state and would like your own Customized, PLEASE purchase the “Custom Injunction Package” located in The Shop!


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