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Iron-Man Injunction – Becoming the GENERAL of YOUR Life!

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2 Responses to “Iron-Man Injunction – Becoming the GENERAL of YOUR Life!”

  • tropicana.ar /

    What if I went to Court for a felony driving in Illinois, put documents into the case I was fighting and they gave me contempt of court for the paperwork I put into case, which was Col form and a form called Fraud upon the court, so they locked me up, which once they kidnapped me, that day, I agreed to trial, under threat and duress,to prevent from being kidnapped, they found me guilty in the circus courtroom of course, after they found me guilty, they released the contempt of court and let me go home, which I was supposed to return on 1/16/2020 but I didn’t so now they put out a warrant, so will this work, for me, considering the situation I’m in?

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