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Notice of Special RESTRICTED APPEARANCE & Challenge of Jurisdiction

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Do you have a Court Date Coming up for a non-physical Civil/Criminal charge?

Well you can either choose to participate in their legal tactics, or try our template & refuse to even “Play on their Courts” by filling this Notice of Special Restricted Appearance & Challenge of Jurisdiction template and Sending it Certified Mail into your Court Case (Always ask for the Green Return Slip as proof that they Got it)!…….And it’s just that simple folks!

The Special Restricted Appearance template helps one Stand on GENERAL LAWS, and gives them the right not to be FORCED & or participate in their commercial fraud!


  • Fill out Our Customized Template with your Info
  • For Extra Protection include Your DBA for your Name and Copy of Your Authenticated Birth Certificate Bond with your Template
  • Mail Package or eFile Your paper work directly into your Court Case to Challenge Jurisdiction (Attn: Judge & Clerk)


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