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Rescind Your VOTER’S Registration!

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In law everything starts with an administrative process. For those who can’t afford or don’t need an expensive attorney we have a wide variety of templates ready for download. Our templates are easy to use and customize. Download the template you need, fill it out and mail it off to it’s destination. It’s that easy!

Do you think the current body politic is corrupt? Want to remove your consent from voluntarily being classified further as a 14th Amendment Citizen? Well this is ONE of the many Contracts you must Undo to start getting our freedom BACK from the Corporate system.

All codes and statutes in the body politic of THE UNITED STATES is “prima facie” meaning it only applies to you if you consent that it applies to you. However saying “i do not consent” is not enough. One maxim of law: if it’s not written down it never happened. You must remove your consent on paper in a specific lawful way and have documentation of it.


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