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Customize your Coat of Arms!


A Coat of Arms isn’t just to identify others on the battle field in medieval times of war. It shows that you are a living man/woman. Corporations have logo. Living men/women have a coat of arms. Usually this is passed down from your Fathers blood line however if you do not have one or your families coat of arms was lost throughout history don’t worry. 

​You can always create a new coat of arms for yourself or have one designed for you. Listed below is a great website that does just that. You should have your coat of arms put onto a coat jacket/blazer for any important events you need to attend. Your coat of arms is your families flag second only to the flag of peace. 

Once you have a Coat of Arms put it in a simple notice on the public record through the local or state newspaper, in the legal section. The newspapers publication # then becomes your public record number for your coat of arms notice. 

​Let all those around you know that you are not a legal fiction, that you are the living man/woman.

​Get yours Coat of Arms designed online, or use a service like this:


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