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Estate Planning & Assets

Estate Planning (Part 1) – Authentications

COURSE DESCRIPTION: AUTHENTICATION PROCESS (Take Back Control Of Your Name) In This Lesson BrothaTruth breaks the importance of Authentications, Ethnicity Changes and Securing your Bond in the Commercial System. ‚ÄčIRC: 

Estate Planning (Part 2) – Trust Law 101

In this Lesson, BrothaTruth breaks down the importance of constructing your Foreign Trusts, How they Operate & WHO you should appoint as your trustees in case anything ever happens to 

Estate Planning (Part 3) – IRS Documents & Effectively Setting Up Trusts + Tax Exemptions

On this Lesson, BrothaTruth Breaks down the importance of Setting up Your IRS Documents for your Trusts & Estate Planning. If you plan on Discharging Debt or handling Presentments with 

Estate Planning (Part 4) – The Perfection of Security Instruments

In this Lesson, BrothaTruth Breaks down the Importance of putting a LIEN on your Estate, and how to properly register your Security Instruments on a Public Financing Statement! This is 

Estate Planning (Part 5) – Conclusion: The Treasurer w/ all the Treasures

In This Lesson, BrothaTruth will be summing up the Estate Planning Course in TWO parts and directing you on how to set up your Contract Trust Account with the State 

Allodial Titles & Land Patents

On this Lesson BrothaTruth Breaks down what Allodial Patents, Deeds, and Land Titles are along with HOW to fulfill the process. This is Definitely a course you want to check 

How to Send FREE Certified Mail Free!

Want to learn how to Send out Free Certified Mail? Well Check out this short Lesson for nationals on how to ship through the General Post Office and keep those 

How to Set Up Your *PRIVATE* P.O. Box to Handle Mail!

It is said that one should never receive mail using their PUBLIC home mailing address, and should always operate through a PRIVATE P.O. Box! In this lesson we break down 

Inventions & Patents – How to Become a Creator!

In this Lesson BrothaTruth breaks down the process of Creating an invention, patenting your idea as a Private National, Designing your concepts, and How to Resource & manufacture your products 


In This Lesson, the ISelfLawAmMaster.com team breaks down the importance of Copyrighting your name, along with providing an effective method of Completing the process! One of the big secrets of 

The Truth About Foreclosures & Self Defense

In this Course, the ISelfLawAmMaster team will be discussing the truth about Home Mortgages, Foreclosures and HOW to protect your self from the National Scheme sweeping America by storm! We