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Get Silver

Precious Metals Are The Ultimate Form Of Insurance!

We are in the midst of a wealth transfer! It’s a great time to make bold money moves that will benefit you in the near future. I recorded a quick video, showing my silver stash and why I decided to start collecting silver. Did you also know that If Countries went into another World War that the price & demand of Silver would Sky rocket? Why? Because silver is used for Armory, Guns, Bullets and more!

While the world is moving to a cashless society, there are a few currency that will always hold value and Silver is on of the easiest to accumulate.Did you know that you could buy a house with silver if you wanted to? Remember to buy low and sell high…this is the time to invest and begin building wealth! Start building your silver stash today, tell a friend, and make COMMISSION from Members under you that can go towards your Silver Coins every month!

Why Silver?

1. Silver is a consumable precious metal

Silver is used in most electronics, especially electronic vehicles and solar panels on homes. You can even use it to purchase a home.

2. Silver is a natural precious commodity.
Whether it is being mined in Mexico, Canada or Peru, for centuries this precious metal has held value and is used as money!

3. The U.S. dollar has become the peso of the world
With the way the economy is going, the U.S. Dollar value is diminishing rapidly. We need another valuable source of money to continue to trade for goods and services. Precious metal will always hold value, so it’s only smart to stockpile it now while it is affordable. The price with skyrocket in the next few years and the investment will be so worth it!

4. Equities (stocks) and commodities (gold, copper, oil, and silver) are countercyclical

Looking back, equities (stocks) began their run-up in 1980 and imploded in 2000. On average, equity prices go up for 20-year periods and commodities go down. Then they reverse directions. Now it’s time to stockpile commodities like silver.

5. You can collect in secret. You don’t have to report your silver assets. You can buy millions of dollars of silver and not have to report it to the government. Start building your silver stash today!

6. I’ve joined an amazing group of wealth accumulators who provide access to collecting silver as much as you want, as often as you want! Click the link below to join now and get member’s pricing.

Quick Silver Reserve In a Nutshell

The Goal: 500 for 500

Our Goal with the Quick Silver Reserve program is to help 500 Families Setup a Home Treasury reserve for their Tribe with at least $500 saved in Silver! We believe never should any family rest solely upon the government for financial stability and tangible assets! Now with our program we teach individuals how to BECOME THE BANK and setup a Trust to keep your ASSets Protected! Along with our program we will be giving each student a free link to our “Birth of a Nation” Webinar discussing how to set up an Investment Trust that can be utilized for yourself, children and unborn babies who haven’t even arrived yet!

Creating our own Treasury Bank for “We The People”

Our long term goal by 2022 Is to have 500 Families with $500 worth of silver saved up so we can come together and start our own Silver Reserve Banking System with real tangible assets backing it! We already have the land & deed for 50 Acres in Louisiana to build our own Bank on Sovereign Indigenous Tribal Lands.


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