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The Remedy Conference 3 Day Event is based on The Remedy Series Books by: Brotha Truth. This event is so that the people truly gain an overstanding of how much power we possess with knowledge and a pen, and how we can take control of our lives through the laws set forth for OUR freedoms and protection. This is a golden opportunity to build with us, network with other freedom-minded individuals, and set the foundation for your family’s freedom. 

Join us for this one of a one of kind three day event, where we will be discussing asserting your nationality, estate planning and operating through the private side. We will be featuring live entertainment for everyone to enjoy.


Wondering where to begin with courses? Get Started Here:

We always recommend to begin with the Estate Planning 1-5 courses that are included with our monthly membership along with 35+ other courses.

The Estate Planning courses will go over Nationality, how to operate through a private trust, how to remove yourself from the US corporate jurisdiction, and how to fully control your estate privately including utilizing your Treasury Bond to offset presentments of debt. The courses will include in depth webinars, templates, trust documents, and examples on how to properly fill out your paperwork.

Also, make sure to download “The Understanding Nationality w/ The Remedy Tour” Course by Brotha Truth for a comprehensive review of the status correction process. The Remedy Tour Course is a great introduction to nationality and it is recommended that all new students watch it.

Understanding Nationality w/ The Remedy Tour Pt 1

In this Remedy Tour recording, BrothaTruth & the ISelfLawAmMaster team are addressing real life “Commercial remedies” to get our people out of bondage and back on the right track to 

As registered user you are able to purchase each course individually and all other products.

We recommend registered users become monthly subscribing members to SAVE by accessing 40 courses, as well as discounted webinars and products! Then join us every Friday for our group calls so our consultants can answer your nationality, estate planning and commerce questions.

Please email admin@iselflawammaster.com if you have any questions regarding membership.

Membership Benefits

Freedom Fridays Q&A Forum with the ISelfLawAmMaster Team of Consultants

The monthly membership will also grant you access to exclusive Freedom Friday calls with Brotha Truth and our other consultants. Each call allows our members to ask specific questions that they may need further clarity on.

Subscribing members receive discounts on most webinars, events and products. Our highly experienced consultants put together powerful webinars each month for I Self Law Am Master registered users and subscribing members.

Brothatruth gives us the blueprint, step by step guide to asserting your self as a private American national. See the suggested procedures and why they are important.

It is recommended you complete Estate Planing 1 through 5 so you can have a clear innerstanding of each process.

The Estate Planning one through five courses are structured so that anyone that studies them can confidently complete their status correction and structure their trust in a way that best benefits them. However, we overstand that not everyone can learn this way. That is why I Self Law Am Master Academy was created.


Every student has a strategy they use to remember information more efficiently while studying. Some of them take notes; some make diagrams; some prefer to listen to lectures, etc. Since no learning style fits all students, I Self Law Am Master has established a Nationality, Estate Planning, Consumer Law Academy. Where, you can obtain direct instruction via an online classroom from our top professors.


The ISelfLawAmMaster Academy is an amazing resource that guides our students on a more intimate level to the next level of their sovereignty. The Academy caters to those just beginning Estate Planning, as well as those that have completed the entire process and are ready to set forth on more advanced remedies. Our Freshman through Junior courses offer the latest information and remedies that our consultants have researched, and the courses are designed to achieve success.

Enroll will reopen next semester for our online classroom instruction for nationality, estate planning and commercial affairs!

Stay tuned for details on the next semester!


Completing Estate Planning 1 through 5 is still highly suggested for all those who decide to purchase any WE DO IT FOR YOU services. Having a clear and complete innerstanding  will allow you to assert yourself correctly when having to do business in the private.

Check out all our We Do It For You Services.

In this book, Brotha Truth breaks down the history of the United States of America, importance of Sovereignty, and understanding “The Matrix” simulation we live in today! They say “in order for one to know where they are going in life, they must know first where they came from”; which is exactly what the depths of this book is focusing on.

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Estate Planning and Status Correction is an important book in the collection it focuses on helping students setup their estates, and correct their status with step by step instructions, Videos, Templates and Recorded Webinars ALL INCLUDED IN THIS BOOK! This is literally Hundreds of dollars of information compiled into ONE valuable book!

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Building an Empire isn’t complicated, most just need to learn the Rules of Commerce to properly construct a strategy of success! In this book, Brotha Truth gives you the Blueprint for creating your legacy and building your own commercial Empire from birthing a FREE newborn baby to enforcing Your unlimited consumer credit!

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