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ISelfLawAmMaster Academy

ISelfLawAmMaster Academy: Second Semester

Get ready for the Second Edition of the “I Self Law Am Master Academy” Ft. Freshman and Sophomore Classes!

The Freshman Class will consist more on teaching the Basics of Commerce, Securing your affairs and Estate Planning.

The Sophomore Class will consist of How to Establish companies & Non for profits, Acquire Personal & Business Credit, and operate privately to obtain Tax Exemptions.

Our last semester was our first Academy session and we sold COMPLETELY OUT! We will only have 25 Early Bird Pre-Sales for these upcoming classes and it’s 1st come 1st Served! Don’t miss this opportunity and join in on this next semester Academy to Network/Learn with like minded students & Professors!

All Classes will be Taught by: BrothaTruth and Chief Maximo El Ali

THE FEE: $600 a Semester

Class will be Twice a Week for 1-2 Months

What Is ISelfLawAmMaster Academy?

Our Academy is an intimate platform with ISelfLawAmMaster Academy
Professors leading Virtual Webinars twice a Week for 2 Months,
guiding students through every part of the Estate Planning Process step by step!

By the time Our students graduate from our Academy, they’ll have an
understanding of Heritage, Commerce, and Business skills to help them develop
personal empires to leave a legacy for their future family!

Last semester, we covered:

*Birth Certificate Authentications

*Ethnicity Change

*Nationality Proclamation & Tribal Heritage

*Power of Attorney

*Creating LLCs

*The Importance of Foreign Trusts & How to erect them

*Religious Assemblies & Setting Them Up

*Tax Deductibles


*Security Agreements

*Trademarking and Copyrighting your name

*Hold Harmless Agreements

*Gaining Control Over Your Treasury Account and More!

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