Part 2 – International Driver’s License & Permit

About International Driving Permit:

  • International Driving Document is designed to be simple to use and easy to understand for both the English and Non-English speaker.
  • The International Driving Document presents all information required by the United Nation laws and will clearly explain your right to drive to any government official.
  • As an added security feature, the International Automobile Drivers Center will include with your International Driving Document an International Drivers Document.
  • This document is a high quality professional identification card that together with your International Driving Document and National Drivers License will ensure your right to drive.
  • Your International Driving Document (I.D.D) MUST be accompanied by your original driver’s license to be valid.
  • International Drivers Document includes a security feature that will prevent any forgery. A special Security Shield Hologram covers each card and adds both security and legitimacy. This security shield hologram both protects and prolongs the life of each card in addition to eliminating any possibility of counterfeiting.


  • Drive a car in almost any place in the world!
  • Rent a car, wherever you are.
  • Register title, insurance or general documents of a motor vehicle. *
  • Useful for identification purposes. *
  • Fast application processing of only 24hrs with fast delivery options.
  • No test required, you only need your valid domestic driver’s license.

NOTE: It is important that your Foreign Driver’s License be carried with IDP at all times.

About FTA:

The National Foreign Traveler Administration is a private trust travel agency formed in Taiwan that have adopted The Declarations of Human Rights, The Treaty Of Peace and Friendship along with the Geneva Convention on International Road Traffic without U.S restrictions and regulation.

The National Foreign Traveler Administration does not provide services to the public
and membership registration is required prior to all service request.