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CHILD SUPPORT INJUNCTION – Put a Hault to Child Support Payments!


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Did you know that Child Support was VOLUNTARY? Did you know that being “forced” to pay Child Support are SPECIAL LAWS, and not a General Provision of ANY state Constitution!?

This Child Support Injunction Template is to put Public Officials on notice to secure your inalienable Rights, and Properties protected under the General Laws of the Constitution.

This Can Be Submitted to your local Public Officials and Court Cases as an “estoppel” for violating “general laws’ and your inalienable rights – because if you haven’t infringed on anyone or their property, You have not broken any GENERAL LAW; Maybe “Special” but those only apply to “Special People” still operating as 14th Amendment Citizens!

We Support, Hope and Encourage everyone to take care of their children, but the reconstructed constitutions MUST be upheld & This is YOUR NOTICE to the government that your inalienable rights should never be violated!

An injunction is an order issued by a court that forces the defendant––a person, corporation or government entity––to do something or STOP doing something, depending on what the plaintiff is requesting.

And in this Injunction we are requesting that ALL public officials be alerted to put YOU and all of your property on the State & National “DO NOT DETAIN LIST”!

For more information on the Injunction, What it is, and HOW it operate we suggest watching the “Iron Man Injunction” video in our Lessons.


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