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Creating Religious Assemblies & YOUR Trust Bank Account!


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As we’ve always known, The Church plays a great influence on our nation and it’s government. However, that all changed in 1954 when churches were added to the 501(c)(3) section of the IRS tax code (IRC). The 501(c)(3) church has been stripped of its freedom of speech as a result of its partnership with the government. They have voluntarily silenced themselves concerning anything touching politics and the government, even in spiritual matters important to believers.

Noble Drew Ali always said “Do all new business in your New Name”, which is why he created a TRUST and “Did Business” through a religious Science temple. In this modern era, we must combine those old concepts with our new studies, and stop doing business Through our PUBLIC Socials’ & begin utilizing our PRIVATE Identities. When you begin to Bank in The PRIVATE as a “Foreigner”, you’ll stop being taxed in the PUBLIC as “Domestic” Chattel property to become the CEO of your own life!

How can we take back our freedom from the government’s control one might ask? Well it first starts by creating our own Unincorporated Religious Assembly for our Estate-Trust to govern our lives according to our own personal CONSTITUTIONS. We can do this by not incorporating our churches and pursuing 501(c)(3) status.Those who incorporate and choose to pursue 501(c)(3) status, become subject to the Federal government and are prevented (gagged) from speaking out on political and spiritual matters that do not agree with the current “political atmosphere”.

Therefore in this Private Webinar BrothaTruth is going to teach the people:

#1. The Correct way to setup your Estate & Operate as a Non for Profit Tax Exempt Status WithOUT being 501(c)(3)

#2. Get your DBA & private 98 EIN (Employee Identification Number),

#3. Construct your Business-Trust Papers

#4. Finally, Establish your Trust Bank Account with a Local Bank & Online to handle your private affairs through.

This webinar will be Crucial in Moving forward “Privately” in handling your Banking affairs and will be a Must to have in your collections!

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