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Fast Track File (Part 3): “America & The Moroccan Empire”


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This is a informational, Powerful “Step by Step” guide to Declare your Nationality or State Citizenship (Renunciation), the Legal Commercial way!

If you are NEW to studying commerce, then THIS is what you want to get a hold of for the Ultimate guide on breaking down Nationality/State Citizenship, What it means, and how to “legally” break free from the Matrix as a 14th Amendment US citizen!

This is a 20+ Page document with over a $1000 worth of valuable information Included!

This is NOT professional legal information, and please review at your own discretion. This is a Two Document Download. So when you acquire this Fast Track File, please remember to download BOTH parts!

NOTE: ANYBODY can declare their Nationality/State Citizenship no matter your Race or Ethnicity background.


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