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How To Assert Your Nationality Papers for COURT ORDER!


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(Launched 06/18/2019)

This is the THIRD and last Webinar installment of our **Nationality Series** explaining the depths of HOW to petition to the Judge for your official Name & Nationality Change, along with How to assert them to receive Federal Tribal Trust FundsĀ  & Public Status Correction. This is HIGHLY important to have together when setting up your Unincorporated Religious Assembly, so your Family can all operate under your Tribal Organization as free Nationals! This is Definitely a Webinar you do not want to miss!



Do you not understand the Depths of *Nationality* and what it means to Nationalize? Well before moving forward you should check out our:

#1. **Understanding Nationality & Status Change Webinar**:


After you have graduated to Proper understanding of WHAT Nationality is, then you can Move onto ordering your Nationality Papers and Allowing us to connect you to a Aboriginal Klan & Tribe through an extensive Genealogy Test. Found at the link below:

#2. **Proclaiming your Nationality & Connecting Back to you tribal American Indian Heritage



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