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In-House Banking with SPECIAL GUEST Block Chain Bully


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Led by SPECIAL GUEST HOST: @chicago_crypto_block_bully)

What is In-House Digital Banking – A new form of financing whereas a single unit, ie, an Org., Corp., or Family use their own resources for a number of treasury like functions, including, but not limited to, digital asset management, cryptocurrency exchange, funding and diversification of a portfolio. (Guaranteed Financing up to %50 of Collateral example: $500 Savings account gets guaranteed $250 Financing)

Goal – To learn the basics of In-House Banking through the use of Decentralized Financing utilizing DApps (Decentralized Apps) also known as Smart Contracts.

● How to obtain/transfer Collateral (Digital Assets)

● How to Create an Interest Bearing Account as well as a CPD (Collateralized Debt Position) Now referred to as a “Vault”

● How to withdraw Debt with low liquidation risk

● How to earn interest on Debt

● Intro: How to Leverage Debt

● Intro: How to Earn Dividends and Interest on Digital Assets (Passive Income)

● Intro: How to Long/Short Position in Crypto Market with Leverage


All Webinars will be recorded and emailed to every participant after the recording is over!

The official Webinar Recording will be:

Monday May 19th @8pm CST. A secret link will be sent to everyone (1-2) hours prior to the event launch

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