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Nationality Declaration – KIDS Bundle


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Nationality Paperwork that certifies your child’s tribal lineage, along with protection from harmful vaccinations!

A family crest is often directly linked to the meaning of your family’s surname. A family crest can be used to honor family members and traditions. Gift each child their own crest in their honor!

A family ring can be passed on to future generations to preserve the glorious history of your family! We’ll add your crest onto a beautiful family ring to honor your family’s legacy!

Ancient astrologers believed that Earth’s elements represent certain personality traits and the position of the sun, moon, stars and planets at the time of birth, all help to determine a life path. Uncover the characteristics of your child’s personality and destiny and help them succeed on their life path!

Bundle details:

  • Nationality Paperwork (completed by our team and sent to you digitally)
    • Electronic Package is 3 pages in length and includes Certificate of Nationality/Tax Exemption, Full Certification of Aboriginal Tribal Lineage, and Genealogy Paperwork
    • Parents are strongly encouraged to assert the paperwork on their minor child’s behalf (for more info, refer to the Assert Your Nationality Paperwork webinar)
  • Zodiac Reading
    • Zodiac Reading is completed after Nationality paperwork is finalized
  • Family Crest Logo
  • Family Crest Ring
  • Vaccination Affidavit


This legacy starter pack also makes for a great gift amongst extended family & friends with kids!

NOTE: This Package is only for children ages 18 and under.

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