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Traveler’s Pack


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ISelfLawAmMaster.com proudly presents our new Traveler’s Package. Including comprehensive templates [Notices + Affidavits] and detailed instruction to properly invoke your right to travel as a private national, presentments to Commerical Policy Enforcers ( Police Officers), as well as our “72 Hour Ticket Remedy”© which fully utilized the commercial process to your advantage!

Don’t get caught on these Public High ways without your proper private paperwork to “Help You” stand on your square to Protect yourself in such drastic times dealing with Policy Enforcers! For just $45 ($35 for Subscribers) you can get our whole 30+ page travel package with instructions, files and templates to enforce your legal REMEDIES!

In this Package We Direct you on:

#1. Who & How To put on notice about your Private Rights to Travel

#2. Traffic Stop & Official Warning Papers to be Served on any Policy Enforcer

#3. Constitutional Travelers I.D.

#4. Specific Directions on how to properly handle ALL future Traffic Citations, with a 99% Success rate!

#5. An Extended “Travelers” Fee Schedule to Hold Public Officials Accountable for infringing on your Natural Rights

And more!!!



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