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“WE DO IT FOR YOU” – Remedy Combo Packages


In this Remedy Combo Package we have 4 Different levels where our consultants will “Do The Work For You”, As seen below: (Take Note: It will take 14-21 business Days to complete your order)


  • Estate Planning + Consumer Repair for your Credit


  • Estate Planning + Consumer Repair for your Credit+ Empire Pack


  • Estate Planning + Consumer Repair for your Credit + Empire Pack + Nationality Declaration Bundle


  • Estate Planning + Consumer Repair for your Credit + Empire Pack + Nationality Declaration Bundle + Travel Affairs Bundle


Estate Planning includes:
– Authentications
– Trust Law 101
– IRS Documents, Setting up Trusts, & Tax Exemptions
– Security Instruments
– Treasurer with all the Treasures

Packages are completed within 14 business days (excluding weekends).

*NOTE: filing fees are excluded. Customers are required to perform specific duties that the ISelfLawAmMaster team will provide guidance on, including but not limited to: filing and mailing forms, completing UCC-1, getting paperwork notarized, etc. These costs are not included in the package fee and will be the responsibility of the customer.


Credit Repair Packages:

Don’t have the Time to do the Manual Consumer Repair Package yourself, and Just want to pay someone to wipe out all of your debt!? Well no worries, you have come to the Right place!

We will attempt to do a complete sweep of your Credit Profile, and clear off:


Empire Package:

With this selection, our team will set up your Commercial Affairs, including:

  • LLC
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Unincorporated Religious Assembly
  • Private Trust
  • Tribal Government
  • Operation Agreements for Every Entity!


Nationality Declaration 4-part Bundle:

  • Understanding Nationality w/ the Remedy Tour (Pt. 1) Recording
  • Nationality Paperwork (completed by our team and sent to you digitally)
    • Page 1: Certificate of Nationality Card / Tax Exemption Documentation
      Page 2: Aboriginal Certificate of Live Birth
      Page 3: Genealogy Papers
  • How to Assert Your Nationality Paperwork Webinar
  • Tribal ID (issued and mailed to you by our team, following final approval of paperwork)
  • Zodiac Reading (optional)


Travel Affairs Bundle:

In this one-stop Travel Affairs Bundle brought to you by ISelfLawAmMaster.com, you will obtain the traveling documents needed to provide protection, whether you are traveling via land, sea, or air!

This mega bundle contains SEVEN (7) essential elements:

  1. Act of State SUPREME Injunction Template (statewide)
  2. Get Your Non-US Citizen’s National Driver’s License webinar recording
  3. Create Your Own Auto Bond Insurance course
  4. Traveler’s Pack course
  5. Corporate Secured Party Creditor (SPC) Identification Card
  6. Private Vessel License Plates (front & back)
  7. BONUS MATERIAL: Get Your Non-US Citizen’s National Passport manual



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