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SelfLaw Study

Becoming the EXECUTOR over *Your Life*!

In this Manual Breakdown, we discuss the importance of your Certificate of Live Birth, Becoming the Executor Over our Estate, and explaining how this system has been controlling our entire 

GET OUT – The “EXODUS” Blueprint (Shortcut to Controlling Your Affairs!) Copy

Don’t have time to put in Days of Studying and need a “Blueprint Outline” to quickly Organize your affairs & Estate!? Well no worries! Well check out our 3 Page 

The Remedy Tour Pt. 1 (Recording)

In this recording BrothaTruth & the ISelfLawAmMaster team are addressing real life “Commercial remedies” to get our people out of bondage and back on the right track to controlling our 

Understanding “PUBLIC” vs “PRIVATE”

Public Law Vs Private Law Private law governs relationships between individuals, such as contracts and the law of obligations. In countries where it is known as “common law,” it also includes contracts