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Ring, ring, ring! The School Bell has rung and it’s now officially time for the Launching of ISelfLawAmMaster Academy: 1st Semester!

What Is ISelfLawAmMaster Academy? Our Academy is a intimate platform with BrothaTruth giving Online Webinars twice a Week for 2 Months guiding students through every part of the Estate Planning Process step by step! By the time Our students graduate from our Academy they’ll have an understanding of Heritage, Commerce, and Business skills to help them develop personal empires to leave a legacy for their future family!

In our Courses we will specifically be covering:

*Birth Certificate Authentications

*Ethnicity Change

*Nationality Proclamation & Tribal Heritage

*Power of Attorney

*Creating LLCs

*The Importance of Foreign Trusts & How to erect them

*Religious Assemblies & Setting Them Up

*Tax Deductibles


*Security Agreements

*Trademarking and Copyrighting your name

*Hold Harmless Agreements

*Gaining Control Over Your Treasury Account and More!


We will only be Accepting 20 Students, and it’s a First come First served Basis! People can go to Public Universities for 4 years & pay Thousands of Dollars, but still not learn HALF of the commercial material that you will in this 8 Week course! If Correcting your status, overstanding Nationality and setting up Businesses is what you’re seeking, then THIS will be the perfect class for you!


ACADEMY STARTS: August 6th 2019

REGISTRATION ENDS: August 1st, 2019


Early Bird Special: $500

Secondary: $260 X 2 Payments = $520 Total

Late Pay: $200 x 3 = $600 Total

If You’d like to break your registration down into TWO or THREE payments, than you will have to pay the first down payment NOW and we will send you a Custom Payment Invoice that will need to be Paid before August 1st, 2019. As long as all of your payments are in before August 1st, everything will be fine!

WHERE: There will be an Online webinar link sent out for Every Class, so students can digitally attend




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