The *Premium* Credit Repair Package – (WE DO IT FOR YOU)

650.00 USD


Several studies over the past 15 years have documented mistakes in credit reports. However, a recent study conducted by the National Association of State Public Interest Research Groups, is the most alarming yet. It discovered that 79 percent of all credit reports contain some type of error – and 25 percent contain such serious errors that those individuals could be denied credit. “Credit repair services” like ours at ISelfLawAmMaster Score aim to remove these inaccuracies on your credit reports on your behalf. The removal of these errors, misrepresentations, outdated and/or unverifiable information from your credit reports leads to a higher credit score for our clients.

Don’t have the Time to do the Manual Credit Repair Package yourself, and Just want to pay someone to wipe out all of your debt!? Well no worries, you have come to the Right place! For one low price of $1,300, We GUARANTEE to do a complete sweep of your Credit Profile, and clear you free of ANY:

Take Note that the Amount of Debt DOES NOT MATTER (regardless of $1-$200,000 or more), we can Remove it! The Time frame, depending on how much debt you have, will take between 3-6 Months to completely Remove the accounts from your Record.  ALSO we recommend paying a Small extra Monthly Monitoring Fee to a third party (Or you can use your own like for atleast 3-5 months thats CRUCIAL to keeping the Debt OFF your record once we remove it completely.


Raise Your Credit – Change Your Life.

Credit affects EVERYTHING in life. Lenders and Businesses view your credit score to be the main determining factor in deciding whether or not they should do business with you and if so on what terms. Having a low credit score leads to being charged a higher interest rate for loans and product financing or simply being denied the loan because the lenders feel doing business with you carries a higher risk factor. Let us help you Raise Your Credit Score so you end up spending a lot less money over the life of your loans.

Five Main Factors In
Determining Your Credit Score

Payment History – 35%:

The most important component of your credit score looks at whether you can be trusted to repay money that is lent to you.

Amounts Owed – 30%:

The second-most important component of your credit score is how much you owe.

Credit History Duration – 15%:

How long have you been borrowing and paying back matters more than you think.

New Credit – 10%:

How much have you recently borrowed or tried to borrow.

Types of Credit – 10%:

What exactly have you borrowed money for also matters.


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