Academy Curriculum


  • Orientation

    You will begin your sovereign journey by completing genealogy paperwork (formerly Nationality Declaration 4pc Bundle) and obtaining a Tribal ID, as well as an International Driver’s License and International Driver’s Permit. You will also obtain an official private assembly ID from our organization.

    Additional Courses included in Orientation are: How to Obtain a Non-US Citizen’s Passport, Voter’s Rescission, How to Assert Your Nationality Paperwork (webinar), Your Rights & How to Fight Immigration (webinar), and Birth of a Nation (webinar).

FULL TIME Member Orientation


  • Estate Planning 101

    You will complete the basic foundation with Estate Planning 1-5, which includes:

    1. Authentications
    2. Trust Law 101
    3. IRS Documents & Effectively Setting Up Trusts & Tax Exemptions
    4. The Perfection of Security Instruments
    5. The Treasurer with all the Treasures

Estate Planning 101 (Part 1)

In this lesson, Brotha Truth breaks down the importance of Estate Planning, Authenticating your Security Instruments, Power of Attorney, and Correcting your Ethnicity.

Estate Planning 101 (Part 2)

In this lesson, Brotha Truth breaks down the Importance of Foreign Situs Trusts and How to Set them up for your Estate.

Estate Planning 101 (Part 3)

In this lesson, Brotha Truth breaks down receiving an EIN for your Trusts and Filling out IRS Documents.

Estate Planning 101 (Part 4)

In this lesson, Brotha Truth Breaks down the UCCs and the importance of Perfecting Your Security Instruments.

Estate Planning 101 (Part 5)

In this lesson, Brotha Truth breaks down the importance of setting up your Treasury Account and establishing a bond with the Treasurer.


  • Consumer Law 101

    You will complete the next level of the Academy with Consumer Law 1-5, which includes:

    1. Introduction to Consumer Law
    2. TILA (Truth In Lending Act)
    3. FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)
    4. FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)
    5. Asserting Consumer Laws

Consumer Law 101 (Part 1)

Consumer Law 101 (Part 2)

Consumer Law 101 (Part 3)

Consumer Law 101 (Part 4)

Consumer Law 101 (Part 5)


  • Enforcing Your Rights 101

    You will complete the junior level of the Academy with the Enforcing Your Rights curriculum which includes:

    1. How to Sue for Consumer Violation
    2. The Power of Injunctions
    3. Courts & Handling Charges
    4. Conditional Acceptance for Value
    5. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

Enforcing Your Rights (Part 1)

Enforcing Your Rights (Part 2)

Enforcing Your Rights (Part 3)

Enforcing Your Rights (Part 4)

Enforcing Your Rights (Part 5)


  • Business Enterprising 101

    You will advance to the senior level of the Academy with the Business Enterprising webinar curriculum which includes:

    1. The Power of LLC’s
    2. Creating Religious Assemblies & Your Trust Bank Account
    3. How to Set Up Your Tribal Government
    4. Business Credit 101
    5. Insuring Your Future (featuring Hasani Houston)
    6. Get Your Non-US Citizen’s National Driver’s License
    7. Land Patents & Allodial Title
    8. Unions & Controlling Your Assets WITHOUT the State
    9. Child Support Broken Down
    10. How to Construct a Gun Trust
    11. Obtaining a CDL: The Private Way
    12. How to Ship FREE Certified Mail
    13. How to Patent an Idea
    14. The Power of The Stamp Duty Act
    15. Endorsing Your Bills of Credit

Business Credit 101

In this Lesson ISelfLawAmMaster breaks down the ins and outs of Business Credit and how to Build it up!

How to Set up Your Tribal Government

In this lesson you will learn how to set up your Tribal Government and the benefits of utilizing it for commercial purposes

Insuring Your Life ft. Hasani

In this lesson Brotha Hasani Breaks down the basics to Insurance, why it’s important, and how you can utilize it with “Infinite Banking” Strategies

Religious Assemblies

In this lesson recording, BrothaTruth breaks down the importance of 508(c)(1)(a) Religious Assemblies and the benefits of operating through entities that protect your Religious rights

The Power of LLCs

In this lesson BrothaTruth breaks down the Importance of LLCs, WHEN you should utilize them, and how to assert your Tax Exemptions operating through them! This is definitely a powerful