Family Affairs


In this course BrothaTruth breaks down the importance of setting up a Trust for your Child, exactly HOW to do it, and gives recommendations on some good investments that can help FUND your Trust! If you have a child or 

Having a Baby Soon!? Create a CORRECT Record of Live Birth

Having a Baby soon and don’t want your child to be “Contracted” into the system as a 14th amendment Corporate Citizen? Well no worries, check out our Blue Print Manual and Templates on how to effectively Create your own Baptismal 

How to Protect Your Children from C.P.S. (Child Protective Services)!

In this Lesson, we break down “How to protect your Children” from State Services like C.P.S. or any Public corporation for that matter! This is a lesson you down want to miss, because We teach you exactly how to Claim 

Need a Divorce, but Can’t Afford a LAWYER? (Rescind Your Marriage License)

DIVORCE 101: GETTING THINGS DONE WITHOUT A LAWYER Do you want a divorce but can’t afford an expensive attorney? Then you need a “Rescission of your Marriage License“.   Just download the Rescission of Marriage License template, fill it out,