Legal Affairs

Freedom Of Information Act – Learn To Request a Judge’s Oath of Office

This is HIGHLY important if you’re dealing with a court case! What we must remember is these County, Local, Circuit, and District courts are operating as “Private Businesses” and NOT Constitutional Venues; Meaning its NOT constitutional but operating on Codes/Statutes! 

GSA Bonds & Bailing Yourself Out!

In this lesson, BrothaTruth discusses the importance of debt discharging, GSA bonds, and How to apply them to get out of Jail and your home mortgages! These are LEGAL documents issued by the government that everyone has the right to 

GSA Forms to Settle Many Court Cases

Got a Court Case that you need Settled?! Well stop playing with their judicial system and assert THEIR federal bonds to get your Legal Remedies! In this lesson we break down the Importance of GSA Bonds and Give you the 

New “Challenge of Jurisdiction” to Beat Most Cases!

This is a Great Template to Challenge the Jurisdiction of the Court that can be Most Non-violent cases! This works best when you move your court case from Local Tribunal Courts and to the Supreme Court who can properly hear 

Notice of Special RESTRICTED APPEARANCE & Challenge of Jurisdiction

Do you have a Court Date Coming up for a non-physical Civil/Criminal charge? Well you can either choose to participate in their legal tactics, or try our template & refuse to even “Play on their Courts” by filling this Notice 

Rescind Your VOTER’S Registration!

In law everything starts with an administrative process. For those who can’t afford or don’t need an expensive attorney we have a wide variety of templates ready for download. Our templates are easy to use and customize. Download the template 

Rescission from the IRS & The Administrative Process!

Are you having problems with the IRS? Do you want to never have to pay the IRS again? Stop a repossession or foreclosure? Then you need anĀ “IRS Rescission“. Just check out our template, fill it out, follow the instructions and 

Terminate an IRS “Notice of Lien”

In today’s Media Entertainment news, we hear of Celebrities such as Gucci Mane, Lauryn Hill, Wesley Snipes and more often being persecuted for back Taxes and IRS Liens! No matter what you believe, it is FACT that the IRS is