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Get a Custom INJUNCTION for your State!


Need a State Injunction!? Submit a donation, and we’ll write up a custom one for you!

NOTE: Please make sure to tell us Which STATE you would like us to write it up for.


Tired of always getting pulled over or harassed by cops?

Do you not want to be liable for following over 200,000 new statutes and codes each year? Can you remember over 200,000 new codes and statutes each year?

Of course not, nobody can – but most have blindly agreed to follow them and get locked up if they break one of these statutes or codes. These statutes and codes are all prima facie, meaning they only apply to you if you consent that they apply to you.

But saying “I do not consent” is not enough. Maxim of Law: if it’s not written down it never happened.

So you are probably asking yourself “How do I remove my consent?”.

You remove your consent with our (Injunction) template. Fill it out and mail it out, It’s that easy.

This is about going to peace, i can’t stress that enough! You can’t win by going to war because when you do that you fall back under the cops jurisdiction (maritime jurisdiction) and once that happens they have authority over you again and you just handed over all your power.

You MUST stand in peace and honor at all times to remain free of their codes/statutes!

Don’t see your State listed in our shop, and Need help with getting an INJUNCTION written for your State? Well no worries, Just purchase a Custom INJUNCTION for your state and we will write one up for you!

An injunction is an order issued by a court that forces the defendant––a person, corporation or government entity––to do something or stop doing something, depending on what the plaintiff is requesting. For more information on the Injunction, What it is, and HOW it operate we suggest watching the “Iron Man Injunction” video in our Lessons.


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